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Diploma in TPN, Chemotherapy & IV Compounding Techniques

A career as an IV compounding pharmacy technician can be very rewarding and satisfying and leads to numerous opportunities.

This is an important job that can help to save the lives of sick or injured patients of all ages including newborn babies. The technician is responsible for preparing intravenous solutions that contain medications that are given to patients in various health care settings. These IV solutions might contain antibiotics, chemotherapy solutions, narcotics, or nutritional supplements.

Course Structure

This diploma consists of 8 modules and a work project.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Parenteral Preparations with respect to USP797 and 800

  • Module 2: Supplies and Equipment for Compounding and Administering Sterile Preparations

  • Module 3: Microbiological Considerations,Principles of Compatibility and Stability in PN

  • Module 4: Aseptic Technique and Compounding calculations and Manipulations

  • Module 5: PHARMCOECONOMICS IN parental preparation


  • Module 7: Master class in oncology pharmacy (Preparation of Hazardous Drugs for Parenteral Use)

  • Module 8: Leadership in sterile pharmacy

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