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Diploma in Medical Education

Are you a healthcare professional passionate about education? Discover the ultimate pathway to enhance your teaching prowess with the HSSI Diploma in Medical Education.


This comprehensive programme is specifically designed for healthcare workers eager to excel as clinical educators, blending innovative teaching strategies with the latest in educational theory to empower you and your learners in clinical settings.

Course Structure

This diploma consists of 6 modules.

Module 1: Foundations of Medical Education

  • Introduction to medical education principles and theories

  • Learning styles and adult learning theories

  • Educational psychology and its application in medical teaching

  • Introduction to assessment methods and evaluation techniques in medical education

  • Current trends and challenges in medical education

  • Importance of the flipped classroom model in engaging learners and promoting active learning

Module 2: Curriculum Development and Design

  • Principles of curriculum development in medical education

  • Needs assessment and gap analysis

  • Development of educational objectives and competencies

  • Instructional design methodologies and strategies

  • Integration of technology in curriculum design, including flipped classroom approaches

Module 3: Teaching and Learning Strategies

  • Active learning strategies in medical education (case-based learning, problem-based learning, team-based learning, etc.)

  • Small group teaching and facilitation skills

  • Lecture delivery techniques and multimedia integration

  • Simulation-based medical education

  • Strategies for teaching professionalism and ethics

  • Incorporation of a flipped classroom model to maximize face-to-face interaction and deepen learning

Module 4: Assessment and Evaluation

  • Formative and summative assessment methods

  • Objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) and other clinical assessment techniques

  • Assessment of procedural skills and clinical reasoning

  • Feedback delivery techniques

  • Program evaluation and quality improvement in medical education

Module 5: Educational Leadership and Faculty Development

  • Leadership principles in medical education

  • Faculty development programs and strategies, including training in flipped classroom methodologies

  • Mentoring and coaching in medical education

  • Faculty evaluation and promotion criteria

  • Management of educational resources and budgeting

Module 6: Educational Research and Scholarship

  • Introduction to Educational Research Methodologies

  • Designing and conducting educational research studies

  • Scholarly writing and publication in medical education journals

  • Ethical considerations in educational research

  • Translating research findings into educational practice

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